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Matsuno off FFXII team, says 1up

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"Former director Yasumi Matsuno is no longer working on Final Fantasy XII" -- if we're to believe 1up's investigative reporting, then Matsuno is officially no longer involved with the game. "When part of the FFXII team was said to have left Square-Enix for Hironobu Sakaguchi's new development studio, Mist Walker, Matsuno was reported to have not shown up for work for a month until the crisis was resolved." What's he working on now? Not even 1up knows: "In fact, we're not sure what Matsuno is working on now, and whether he was kicked off the team or if he voluntarily removed himself, although he is still said to be at Square." Once again, Sakaguchi screwed everything up!

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Forums / News / Matsuno off FFXII team, says 1up

so, Sakaguchi stole people, Matsuno got so angry he went M.I.A. and now nobody knows what the fuck is going on, correct?
You forgot the part where Wada goes maniacal with polymorphic power.
What the? This is quite unusual. Well, I'd like to know who then is directing the game...
Akitoshi Kawazu for the win!!!
Oh, fantastic. :(

At least now we have a Japanese release date...
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