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Scorpions and Megadeth rockers on Heavy Metal Thunder

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Yeah, so, okay. Per Insertcredit, who can read Japanese, the following: "[...] for the opening theme, Japanese schlock rock group Sex Machineguns will be playing with Michael Shenker, of Scorpions and MSG fame (he's inexplicably popular in Japan, and referenced in pop culture as easily as Jimmy Hendrix would be). Also featured, Marty Friedman from Megadeth and Hawaii." and "[...] the game is command-based robot fighting, called 'robo-ress' (a play on puroresu, short for 'pro wrestling')". The main character is now named, as "denki akihabara": "Akihabara is of course the big electronics district in Tokyo, also referred to as 'electric town'. Denki indicated electricity, so there's a dual pun there." I certainly approve of this news.

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The Japanese love their word puns. A little too much sometimes.
Purple gum!? I thought you meant trading card!
I find it funny how similar the SexMachineguns name is so close to that of america's Sex Pistols.

More than likely, i'll end up liking the SexMachineguns better than the Sex Pistols anyway.
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