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Dragon Quest VIII US to come with Final Fantasy XII demo

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Sell a game with SSJ/boobsFinal Fantasy XII will see its first glimpse of public North American soil this November when Dragon Quest VIII arrives on its shores, complete with a demo of the game whose presence will probably draw people more than it will those who don't mind sitting through the super saiyan'ed up uberversion of the Japanese megalith. So you can be glad about that. Besides the DBZ unique selling point and the likeliness of Akira Toriyama's name being plastered on the box, DQ8's US appearence will also introduce a fully orchestrated score akin to that of the Dragon Quest V remake's, as well as numerous improvements to the gameplay system and menu interface design. Suffice it to say that Japanese gamers will probably not have to wait long until they, too, can play this superior American version. For 12000 yen.

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Forums / News / Dragon Quest VIII US to come with Final Fantasy XII demo

Its not like I needed an extra incentive to try out DQ, but shit, that is fucking sweet! One thing though, wouldnt it have made more sense to include a KH 2 demo? (although I can see DQ needing more publicity than KH for some reason)
Go super saiyan boobs!
Dude, there is NOTHING wrong with super saiyan boobs.
Knowing that DQ doesn't bring in nearly as many sales here as in Japan, and that people have become quite anxious in waiting for FFXII to come out, they bundle a demo of it to boost DQ sales. Well played, S-E, well played. . .
... duh?
yeah, im pretty sure that's why they did it
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