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Sales of Advent Children reportedly pass 220k in first week

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Gamefront reports that Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, which went on sale in Japan last week, sold around 220.000 copies on DVD in the first week. UMD sales haven't been accounted for, and given the popularity of UMD so far, it's safe to say it probably accounts for a fair chunk of the total as well. So I guess we can go ahead and say Advent Children is a success, right? Aside from the 2.5 million people around the world who already downloaded the rip for free and watched it. That means you! *cough*

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Forums / News / Sales of Advent Children reportedly pass 220k in first week

WOAH!! Just got a chill... weird...
Yay delay in Aus AGAIN! Now it's the 15th of Feb, go go Sony Pictures! At this rate I could save the money and fly to Japan and buy a copy over there instead of waiting like a sucker.
That number will be triple that in no time and tripled again as soon as released in america. ;)
Inferno soul is right those numbers probably will triple when they come to america...... it should be a good spinoff of ff7.
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