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Square Enix Europe is serving a crafty survey with dodgy questions about Dragon Quest VIII

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Loot not to contain actually valuable objects, like this.Given the modifications made to the US version of top Square Enix pillar Dragon Quest VIII to cement its probable success on that side of the Atlantic, us Europeans have to wait and see whether the good old European office considers it worth the effort. As such, they've concocted a nefarious online survey about the title, imposing upon your supposed ignorance such vapidity as "have you heard of Dragonball Z" and "do you like the name Dragon Quest", presumably under the precursor of renaming it to something more related to spikey-haired, monkey-tailed flying kids to alleviate the pressures involved with actually marketing the title on its own merits. Funky hey, people! Oh, and if you don't want to fill that thing out, just email them with the subject "SQUARE ENIX SURVEY" to get a chance at "free Square Enix loot" (which I'll avail myself of further speculating on).

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Forums / News / Square Enix Europe is serving a crafty survey with dodgy questions about Dragon Quest VIII

Do you know who Akira Toriyama is? Does the fact that he is designing characters interest you? Do you find our amusing survey to be blatently stupid? Do you know living in Australia chances are high that you can't win this lame prize that has NO terms and conditions anyway?

Oh man, that survey was great, got emailed it yesterday.
Thats why you should move to the greatest country on earth... Japan. And if you can't read/speak Japanese, go for the US, the runner up for gaming anime nerds.

I can't stand the DBZ art style to be honest. Then again, I can't stand DBZ's storyline either. Want to try out Dragon Quest(mostly because it's the only big RPG hitting the PS2 by Xmas), just hope the boring character designs don't interfere.

That and FFXII demo = glee
DBZ had a storyline? Wait, so did Doom and various other titles that don't count! Probably why you didn't like it. I've been to Japan, I know the score. Living here doesn't have much effect on things, it just means I can't lap up the culture of Japan all the time.
You know what, you DO sound arrogant, Nephtis!
im confused! is DBZ getting bashed?
It sure was. Storyline in DBZ is right here:

Random bad guy appears, people fight. Usually Goku ends up 'powering up' and beating said badass down. Hurray, earth is safe once more.
Simple and fun
As they say in the vernacular, Kamehameha.
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