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Taito joins Sqorg collective

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With its 62.8 billion Yen purchase of a stake in Taito Corp, Square Enix now officially owns 93.7% of the company, according to today's press release. So it went through, then, and I suppose we can start expecting a wealth of new cutesey titles published through the Square Enix strongarm publishing branch. And possibly insane crossovers, like Dragon Quest Slime MoriMori BubbleBobble or Super Bust-a-Moogle? Post a comment and join in with the ludicrous suggestions!

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Double Dragon Quest !
Super Bust-A-Moogle? There has to be a Chocobo title in here SOMEWHERE.... Maybe "Choco Bobble"?
Super Final Quest Bust-A-Morimori Moogle Racing?

The possibilities amaze me!
What about remakes of the Lufia games for every platform in existence, along with an infinite amount of sequences?

Maybe Driving Emotion Type-Darius or Sonic Blast Chocobo..
Oh! I'd love to see an FFX Blitzball Arkanoid of some kind, or maybe they'll revive their wretched Jetsons/Flintstones franchises where the respective families travel through time to meet the Dragon Quest characters. Oooh!! Or maybe Sonic Blastman and Barret can team up in another FFVII FPS!! That'd be fantastic...{cough}...
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