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Wild ARMs 4 and Shadow Hearts 3 to be published in US by ex-Square CEO

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Square Enix's CEO prior to Youchi Wada's promotion, Jun Iwasaki, and six of his Square Enix buddies, have founded a new company specifically for the spreading of RPG wonder in the Western lands called XSeed Games. I'll let you speculate about the possible relationship of that title to Final Fantasy VIII yourself, however. XSeed will be bringing Shadow Hearts 3 and Wild ARMs 4 to the States in 2006, with plans for more after the aforementioned two prove successful. Which they will, apparently. Iwasaki can look into the future.

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Forums / News / Wild ARMs 4 and Shadow Hearts 3 to be published in US by ex-Square CEO

As the former *insert position here* of Square Enix, Inc., I vote we make a new U.S company. With years of fancy experience I think we'll do well.

Square-Enix grows, and so do the various companies formed by people who've left the corporate entity. Everybody wins!
And when they've grown enough, Square Enix goes and incorporates them once again, right?

Well, two more RPGs to the list. I'm specially looking forward to Shadow Hearts 3.
I dont know about anybody else, but im taking any and all game design classes just so i can work for square enix and help fulfill the dreams of kids like myself.(final fantasy 7 remake)
Sounds fantastic Generic Fanboy #285323...oh, I mean cloud.
I vote we get that fox suit...
lol bwyuko!!
Fox suit, vote ???????????
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