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Advent Children US package details and release date?

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According to a forum poster with access to the relevant details, Final Fantasy VII Advent Children should be appearing on DVD in the US on November 28th -- with a special 2 disc edition containing a feature disc (feature film, "reminiscence of FFVII") and bonus disc (The Distance: Making Of Featurette, FFVII AC: Venice Film Festival Footage, Sneak Peak of upcoming FFVII games, FFVII:AC trailers). Legitimacy is up in the air but I guess the photo is pretty substantial (?).

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Forums / News / Advent Children US package details and release date?

Any word on UMD...? =( It sucks how it shifted from a PSP only release to DVD and UMD, to now the UMD users get shafted.
I'm surprised UMDs are selling fairly well. What are 18-34 year-olds gonna do on the go? Read?!
reeeead???? I have better things to do, like walking around orlando watching movies! That way when I get run over the offender will be able to loot my body.

For the UMD release I foresee that you will get a big, meaty sausage with Sephiroths face branded on it
Hey Paul, you should read Don't Make Me Think, I'm going through that one now. Fuck PSP!
The redeeming factor in the PSP is emulation, which is not really inherently redeeming considering it wasn't at all meant for the system.
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