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World of Mana production team details emerge

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Masato Kato (Chrono Cross) returns to Square Enix for a try at the helm of World of Mana

Today's World of Mana website update revealed not only that there are more projects in the World of Mana franchise on the way that we don't know about yet, but also some preliminary details on the production team of Children of Mana.

Masato Kato of Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross fame will be handling the scenario, while Kouichi Ishii (the Mana series founding father) is producing. Legend of Mana's character designer, Nao Ikeda (who was also involved with Final Fantasy Tactics Advance) will be responsible for character design.

While Kato's presence on the team may suggest an inclusion of Yasunori Mitsuda on music, I guess we're in for no such luck: Kenji Ito, the Mana series' original composer when it was a Game Boy title, Masaharu Iwata (Final Fantasy Tactics) and Takayuki Aihira (Drakengard 2) will be handling composition efforts for the game. Which isn't really a bad thing considering their previous work records.

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Didn't Masato Kato leave Square for Monolith and was working on Baten Kaitos? Is he also working on Baten Kaitos II?
He's a freelancer, he doesn't work for Monolith. He did do scenario for Baten Kaitos, yes. Not sure if he's involved with BK2.
This is VERY good news. I've only heard positive things about this project as of late, and it's great to hear that Mr. Kato is back at the helm of another Square undertaking. (Wish he'd put out another Chrono game though... -_-).
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