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Mario Basket 3 on 3 as first Square Enix Mario game since Super Mario RPG

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So yeah, the really funky announcement is Mario Basket 3 on 3, a fully WiFi online 3d DS sports game akin to Super Mario Strikers or the numerous Tennis/Baseball/etc variations we've seen on Gamecube and previous platforms. Except this one is developed by Square Enix and published by Nintendo, guaranteeing any of the following: 1) it looks fucking sexy; 2) it's the first Square Enix usage of the Mario mascot since Super Mario RPG, which is a pretty good thing if you ask me; 3) it's wonderfully insane, and we at Square Haven approve of insanity.

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Forums / News / Mario Basket 3 on 3 as first Square Enix Mario game since Super Mario RPG

Well, I'll definately say this, THIS isn't the first game that I had assumed Sqenix would have made using Mario... WHERE'S MY SEQUEL W/ PRINCE MALLOW?!?!
I hope I can be the first to officially say BWWAAAAAAAAHHHHHH?!!!!!! @_@
Mallow was pretty damn sweet. I'm just hoping that Squeenix doesn't do damage to the Mario franchise this time. (...sports game huh?) Anyway... in my opinion, Geno was the guy to use-- but you can't beat a marshmellow who can control the weather with his PMS.
I never understood why Nintendo didn't capitalize on Mallow, Geno, or Boshi, among other characters from other Mario excursions, like Wart & Mouser from Super Mario Bros 2. Do they not have equity as characters? I mean, fucking Birdo is in Double Dash. Shyguy has made repeat appearences. Even those multicolored big-nosed grass-skirt-wearing things from Mario Sunshine have been showing up here and there. I think that a giant rat with a panache for sunglasses and bombs is just as feasable as a pink, snouty reptile creature that spits eggs. Maybe even more so.
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