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Dragon Quest VIII shipping early

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Looks like youll be seeing these babies one week earlierDragon Quest VIII will reportedly ship one week ahead of its previously scheduled North American ship date of November 22, and thus will arrive at retail stores on November 15. That is all.

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Forums / News / Dragon Quest VIII shipping early

I can't wait for this game, I got my demo in the mail and its awesome, makes me feel like a kid again.

Anyway has any one checked out

Its an Official Dragon Quest VIII community made for us fans (asuming your one of course) Great stuff.

Anyway, has anyone else got the free demo yet?
Something about that suspiciously official and fraudulent. *rips mask off of Shogun* Yoichi Wada!?
This was spammed on the boards once wasn't it?
well we get money when we do it!!

well im happy this game is coming faster except im gonna have to wait a while... my gf b-day is on the 11th ... poo
Hazooooo!! Can't wait to play FFXII demo bundled with.
i have the demo too... i can't stop playing *sobs*
I cant wait for the game. I also played the demo. Its awesome.
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