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Dragon Quest VIII gets European release

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Hard work on the part of numerous European fanboys has apparently resulted in Square Enix confirming an April release of Dragon Quest VIII (based on the US version with all the doodads). And hopefully a little bit more.

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Forums / News / Dragon Quest VIII gets European release

whoot! yah slimeknights!!
now lets get dqv over in the usa!
wow, rahul gets to play an rpg LEGALLY!

news worthy!
Maybe I'd better actually try this game then. I suppose I can wait for some reviews and decide.
I hear they're adding extra shit in, anyone know what the extra shit is?
haha hell no, i'm not going near dragon quest with an 8-foot stick
YOU are missing out. DQ8 is so very nice...
i would say so too.. if my disk wasent retarded and made me miss the cutsenes.. which left me on a quest with no where to go untill i buy a new copy or.. call the service number and waste more money!
Don't yell at me, but ive never played dragon quest or heard of it for that matter till now. ( ive been watching teen titans..............GOD I NEED TO GET OUT MORE)
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