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Final Fantasy XII goes double-platinum

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Now two weeks into its Japanese release, Final Fantasy XII has sold an estimated 2.08 million copies, making it more popular in these, its early days, than either Final Fantasy X or Final Fantasy X-2. Could this be a positive sign or just another instance of mass fanboyism?

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That is amazing. It has to be good 2.08 japanies people can't be wrong ah. Anyways it will still be a couple more months for me.
Yes 2.08 million can be wrong look at Halo and Halo 2. Enough said. However this is Final Fantasy that is another story. ^_^
I enjoyed halo and parts of halo 2. Although they may not be square they did have potentencial
Either your karma system is broken, or people are incredibly stupid.
A little bit of both I guess.
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