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Nintendo's Animal Crossing to hit the big screen.

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The popular Nintendo franchise Animal Crossing (Oide yo! Doubutsu no Mori) is slated for a move to the big screen in Japan. No plot details have been released yet, but it has been said that many familiar characters from the game series will be returning for the big screen adaption. This full-length animated feature film does not have a firm release date, but it is planned to be released some time in December.

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Forums / News / Nintendo's Animal Crossing to hit the big screen.

I can't believer that they would actually release a movie about this horrible game. Hell, I've never even played the game but, just looking at it gives me horrible nightmares. But, I suspect the Japanese know what there doing. I mean have you seen the movie trailers for Casshen? My god, that movie is definetely going to do well over here, if they release it over here.
*Casshern* I doubt they are going to "Dub" it in english but I bought the DVD from Best Buy about a year ago. I believe this was the first movie ever made in with full CGI and human actors. The colors are brilliant in this movie. You need a nice calibrated tv and high quality dvd player(I have a Panasonic S97S) with component and/or DVI or HDMI to enjoy the full experience of this movie. Tis a really great movie. I have seen it several times. It's like I am watching a real life anime. The acting and story line are superb.
Casshern fucking sucks (like I already said in the other comments) and not only would it flop horribly if it were released here, it WAS in fact released in a limited "whacky Japanese live action manga" kind of way ... and it flopped so hard no one has heard of it. Nice!
casshern's combat is so corny it makes ultra man tiga look good! OH SNAP!
fuck all you guys, except infernosoul. Casshern fucking rocks, it is a great movie, but I didn't know it came out a year ago. Thanks for the update!
Your argument of "fuck all you guys...fucking rocks" is simultaneously enrapturing and compelling! Sir, you truly are a master of rhetoric!
Hmmm.... An Animal Crossing movie? I don't think it'd do very well, but it could make a good kiddie movie... With the main character(s) being 'human' and interacting with all the 'animal' neighbors...

I could see the game making a good PBS kid show, but a feature film? I dunno...

I might still go see it though... hehe...
you guys have my word, I'll never go to see this movie, and if i do, kill me, and pass my belongings on to Tribal.
hahahaha...a PBS kids show...if the movie was directed towards a younger age group that could possibly boost sales of the game if younger children bought it because they enjoyed the movie, i dont know, thats just a shot in the dark, and thats probably not even their intention.

but how could you make that game into a movie? i mean there really wasnt a plot for the game to begin with, besides collect money and pay off your debts for the house you own...which would be a pretty lame plot, or at least in my opinion.
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