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Famitsu extrapolates FFXIII details

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In a recent issue of Famitsu (scans here), the Japanese gaming magazine took a look at Final Fantasy XIII's battle system. Viewing the latest battle screens, a bar that reads "ATB Cost" and drains with each command floats next to character HP. In the upper right-hand corner, a gauge fills to allow for an "Overclock" status, where enemies are slowed to allow for turn-based bullet time. Finally, one can make out "Lightning" to the left of ATB Cost. Could this be our beauty's name? It seems like the natural progression after years of Clouds and Squalls. Har!

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Forums / News / Famitsu extrapolates FFXIII details

ummm stormtroopers?
and speed racer...NIFTI-FIED!
I'm just going to say that it sounds so far to be as brilliant as ff8.
Are you referring to the Junction/Draw system? The spawn of thirty day old monkey sperm and yeast could've come up with something better.

Honestly. Three summons every two turns that don't cost anything to use?

Story-wise, I'm a big fan, until time compression. Feels like they rushed that bit.
more late news?!? fool!!
If you haven't heard it yet, it's news to you.
the story was good, you have to admit, and the beginning CG scene, was awesome. Cmon, give it up, give it the recognition it deserves.
FFVIII was the Final Fantasy series' defining moment. We should write an updated review on it sometime...
thank you my friend.
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