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Final Fantasy Versus XIII teaser trailer now online

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The promised trailer for Final Fantasy Versus XIII has emerged at long last. The video might be little more than a movie montage of the previously revealed scans, but at least it includes music by veteran Square composer Yoko Shimomura and a fraudulent Shakespeare reference.
The quote at the beginning is actually by Hamlet, not William Shakespeare. Maybe next time Square Enix might consider using the following, more familiar quotations:

"You spoony bard!"--Hironobu Sakaguchi


"What is a man? A miserable little pile of secrets!"--Koji Igarashi


"It's a-me! Mario!!!"--Shigeru Miyamoto

The Trailer (swf format, requires Flash player)

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hamlet is by will... so techincally its his.
i doesent really matter anyway because he doesent really exist.
Zounds, I beg to differ! Technically the quote is by Hamlet in a play written by William Shakespeare. The bard never made a press release where he stated "There is nothing good or bad." This is not his opinion, contrary to what Square implied in the trailer. It's like attributing the quotation "Sometimes I go about and poison wells" to Christopher Marlowe.
Actually the "What is a man?" quote originally came from Andre Malraux so it isn't from Iga or Dracula or whatever.
Actually true, Quale. And actually the qoute "It's a me, Mario!!!" actually originated in 1956 with Mario D'Agata, the only deaf-mute with the distinction of being a world boxing champion, actually. In fact, this entire news item is all just an elaborate ruse. Final Fantasy Versus XIII? Made it up!
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