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Yasunori Mitsuda still has the goods

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Still amazed at how the composer is able to inspire people with fresh arrangements of his work, I am able to present a few tidbits that I obtained at Passion in Australia.
Yasunori Mitsuda is a rather playful, funny and down-to-earth guy considering his status. He enjoys a drink, has a laugh and permanently houses a smile. Yet behind this exterior is a man many fans practically worship for his scores to games such as Chrono Cross.

He and Hitoshi Sakimoto have been involved with Eminence, an Australian company who has pioneered game and anime concerts in the country, to a fairly large degree for the current concert series entitled 'Passion'.

For his part, Mitsuda personally arranged some of his best pieces for the concert, as well as to perform on the bouzouki (a long neck lyre) for a couple of pieces.

His arrangement of Scars of Time was particularly impressive. Performed by two violinists, one pianist, one percussionist, one guitarist and himself, the arrangement was crisp.

I spoke to the production assistant of Procyon Studio, his company, about a number of different topics. Yoshie Miyajima's English was rather limited, so I had to make do with what Japanese I could muster.

We talked about Masato Kato's Kirite, and whether it would ever be translated. Interestingly enough apparently everyone does want it translated into English, the problem is marketing (and therefore selling) it in the west.

She also was suprised so many people had heard of Mitsuda, particularly in Australia. (Hey just because we're small doesn't mean we're insignificant...) The Japanese are often suprised, with manga and anime artists/directors hearing the success of their work in the west.

I asked both her and Mitsuda about the Chrono Cross arrangement album, which is certainly coming. He profusely apologised for the delay, and I was informed that the album 'would be interesting'.

For those that don't know, he is also co-composing the soundtrack to Luminous Arc. The DS title is set for release on the 8th of February next year. The album is slated for the 7th of March next year.

Also of note is another upcoming score for "Armored Trooper Armodyne" which apparently is a sci-fi simulation game with mecha vehicles. I'll leave you to think about that one.

Mitsuda thoroughly enjoyed his time in Melbourne, and conveniently signed my copy of Kirite (all his albums post-Square were for sale) as well as my poster. For a composer a few people have thought as possibly slowing to a halt, the man certainly has a very unique and awesome way of arranging his pieces, and I look forward to seeing his future work. I cannot describe just how refreshing his arrangements were, breathing new life into somewhat old pieces was a very pleasant experience.

For those that are interested, there is an interview with Mitsuda, as well as other staff from Procyon Studio here on the Eminence website.

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Man, wish I could have been there!
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