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Final Fantasy VI; grittier translation?

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When the highly-acclaimed Final Fantasy VI first saw an English translation, several edits were made to accommodate the alarmist-minded, including changing "Doom" to "Death", "Pub" into "Cafe", and "Holy" into "Pearl", among others. With the U.S. launch of Final Fantasy VI Advance only a week away, Siliconera has noted a recent screenshot which depicts the change of "Doomgaze" to "Deathgaze", implying that the script may have been corrected to more closely match its Japanese counterpart. This, in addition to new content, may yet yield a high-quality release of the title.

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Forums / News / Final Fantasy VI; grittier translation?

I hope they show teh FFVI porn.
What porn?
How dare you tantalize your readers with suggestions of porn without providing them the means by which to procure said porn
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