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American Anime Award goes to computers/clones

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The first annual American Anime Awards gala took place last night in New York City at the New York Comic Con. Over 43,000 fans cast their votes online, resulting in the award for Best Animated Feature going to Square's hour-long computer-generated FMV sequence Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. The glorified cut-scene beat out anachronistically nominated Akira and Square-related Fullmetal Alchemist: Conqueror of Shamballa. Alchemist did however manage to pick up an award for best DVD packaging. No joke. The event will be broadcast on the Anime Network on March 23rd.

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Heh, where's that guy who kept trying to tell me it wasn't anime. Both of the other mentioned films were far far far far far better than Advent Children. Yes, it was great eye candy, but so what? Akira is a classic film filled with strange characters and pioneering graphics. The FMA film did the series justice and involved a disturbingly long and thought-out script process. (Unlike the fan service that is AC...)

Shame on you 43,000 "fans".
I don't get you, American Anime Association. If you're going to go ahead and nominate Akira (1988) this year, why not throw in Mononoke Hime and Tetsuwan Atom while you're at it? And where's Kari Wahlgren's award for FLCL?
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