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Final Fantasy Tactics goes multiplayer

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Square is celebrating the ten-year anniversary of Final Fantasy Tactics by releasing a considerably expanded edition of the game on the Sony PSP. The Lion War will include a mutliplayer function for use with the PSP's wireless feature, allowing both versus and cooperative modes. The portable remake is set for a May 10 release in Japan.

In versus mode, a team's players are highlighted in either blue or red,
and victors are rewarded with treasure chests containing special items

Famitsu Magazine recently held an interview with producer and director of the SaGa series of games Akitoshi Kawazu, along with Lion War co-producers Shingo Kosuge and Takamasa Shiba. The game designers explained that the versus mode of Final Fantasy Tactics: The Lion War will allow players to strategically place traps on the playing field, hidden from their opponents. Party members of each team will be highlighted in either red or blue to prevent players from accidentally targeting their own allies. Winners of the battle will be determined by the party's remaining HP after a set number of rounds, making speedy decision-making a priority for success. Once a winner has been chosen, they will receive a randomly determined treasure chest, with the chance of obtaining a rare item not found in the game's original story mode.

Square Enix game designers Shingo Kosuge, Akitoshi Kawazu, and Takamasa Shiba
explain the new elements added to the Zodiac Brave Story

Shingo Kosuge began the interview by saying that the latest addition to the Ivalice Alliance series would include the addition of new characters. Final Fantasy XII's Balthier Bunansa will complement the party by being capable of targeting enemies from afar with his sharpshooter ability. New jobs have been made available, as well. The abilities of the Onion Knight will reflect what players of the DS game Final Fantasy III have come to expect of this job class, while the main asset of Dark Knights is their ability to damage the enemy by sacrificing a portion of their own HP. The game producer was enthusiastic about the cel-shaded movies that have been added to the port, which will allow players another dimension of involvement with the world of Final Fantasy Tactics.

New anime sequences feature Ramza, Balthier, and Delita

Takamasa Shiba said that the designers were careful not to break with the atmosphere of the original title in introducing the new element of anime sequences to the story, and having the visuals implemented by art designer Akihiko Yoshida served to make the additional scenes contiguous with the original. Several unfamiliar episodes will be added as well, though players will have to wait until the game is released to learn more details. Clearly, some scenes will feature a hero of the Playstation 2 Ivalice title Final Fantasy XII: namely, the sky pirate Balthier. Akitoshi Kawazu said of the game that it was designed both in consideration of new players, and as a more expansive edition of the experience first encountered by veterans of the classic Playstation title. Great care was taken in developing of the game to ensure that the series tradition would be preserved. If things turn out as planned, Kawazu told, both first-time players and enthusiasts of the original will be satisfied with the new game.

Two months prior to its release, Square Enix has already begun
placing full page ads for the new Final Fantasy Tactics


Colette Bennett. Destructoid: "Final Fantasy Tactics for PSP: multiplayer and Balthier included!"

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