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Sacre Bleu! First batch of Final Fantasy Tactics A2 scans

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The first scans of the mysterious Ivalice Alliance title The Sealed Grimoire have been published in Japanese gaming magazines Shonen Jump and Famitsu. The visual style of the strategy RPG appears to be in the vain of DS titles Revenant Wings and Heroes of Mana. The protagonists of the new Ivalice adventure are Adele and Luso.
The first-ever Shonen Jump and Famitsu scans for Final Fantasy Tactics A2: The Sealed Grimoire have hit the net. The title appears to be the spiritual successor to Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. Like Revenant Wings and Heroes of Mana, the character design is handled by Ryoma Ito.

As in the original, the game begins in our everyday, familiar reality, where Luso is a school student on planet earth. His life is altered, however, when he comes across a magic book, the sealed grimoire, in his school library. The book transports him to the magical world of Ivalice, ruled by sinister Judges, known to fans of the Game Boy Advance title and Final Fantasy XII. It even looks like a Viera will be joining your party.

The first Shonen Jump scans show protagonists Luso and Adele

An interview with Tactics Advance director Yuichi Murasawa in Famitsu magazine
reveals a few more details about the expanded party

Luso is described as as an energetic kid who has difficulty paying attention in school. He is sucked into the world of Ivalice after discovering the sealed grimoire in his school library
Adele is an inhabitant of Ivalice who invites Luso along on her quest. Because of her independent, secretive, and playful nature, she is known to many as "Adele the Cat"
In Tactics A2, players can visit towns to gain more information about the world of Ivalice between stages facing opponents in battle

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: The Sealed Grimoire has no set release date. More info should be made available by the time of the Square Enix Party in May.

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