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New trademark Last Remnant baffles me and I want to know what it is

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AAAAGHHHSquare Enix has trademarked, apparently, the new IP Last Remnant in preparation of its undoubted unveiling at the upcoming Square Enix Party. But that stuff's irrelevant. What's relevant is whether Last Remnant is going to be the subtitle for Star Ocean 4 (to be announced at the party), Final Fantasy VII-2 (for which everyone except myself has a hard-on), Final Fantasy XII-2 (which I demand be made just so the story from FFXII gets done right), or something different? What do you guys think?

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Forums / News / New trademark Last Remnant baffles me and I want to know what it is

The thought of a Star Ocean 4 makes me feel happy in the pants.
That sounds like a personal issue.
Rad Racer 3: The Last Remnant.

Rad Racer FTW
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