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Dissidia Final Fantasy unveiled for the PSP

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Today Square Enix launched a teaser site for the next Final Fantasy title for the PSP, titled Dissidia Final Fantasy. Judging by the first scan from Shonen Jump, the game is a 3D action title involving characters from assorted Final Fantasy titles, including Chaos, Kuja, and Zidane. The logo is designed by Yoshitaka Amano, while characters will be handled by Tetsuya Nomura. More information awaits to be revealed at the Square Enix Party this weekend.
Dissidia Final Fantasy is currently in development for the Sony PSP. Noticeably, the game's logo is by Yoshitaka Amano, and character art will be by Tetsuya Nomura. A few details appear to have made their way to Odeko at FF13Vids. Purportedly the title will be a 3D action game featuring characters from throughout the Final Fantasy series history, including Garland, Chaos, and the Light Warriors (FF1), Zidane and Kuja (FF9), and Cosmos from Fabula Nova Crystallis. More details should arrive with the Square Enix Party this weekend.

First Shonen Jump scan of Zidane and Kuja in Dissidia

First images featuring Cosmos and Chaos in Dissidia.
More to come with the Square Enix Party on May 12 & 13

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You beat me, I've been trying to post something on and off for an hour, my net connection is running horribly at the moment.
I believe that's Chaos on the right.
It's actually "Dissidia Final Fantasy", not Final Fantasy Dissidia.
I agree with Rahul, as the actual Japanese listed on Square Enix's games list indicates it is that order. Given Square Enix's (and many other companies) habit of making large katakana names in English order it does appear to be in the strangely reverse order.

That said despite Square Enix being a big name, it is Japanese and it does change. For all we know it could end up with some random other title if it hits the States.
I expect the name to be similar to Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII and Before Crisis Final Fantasy VII; those are still named with the subtitle before the main title. As for the sites you mentioned, I wouldn't consider those encyclopedias of Square Enix info to go by when figuring out what to call a game. They probably decided putting the subtitle second sounds more logical without actually consulting the official site.
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