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Final Fantasy IV receiving DS remake

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The first scan of the Final Fantasy IV remake for Nintendo DS has appeared in the latest issue of Shonen Jump. Game development is being overseen by the team responsible for this year's popular port of Final Fantasy III, featuring similar soundtrack tweaks and 3D graphics.
This Shonen Jump scan comes courtesy of Odeko at FF13Vids. More details are expected to be revealed at the Square Enix Party this weekend.

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No way, a new version of FFIV? Hell yah!

Just wish Cecil's in game art was done a little bit differently as a Dark Knight...Should be excellent, though I'm sure.
...What's wrong with it? It looks to be modeled on Amano's character designs.
Dunno, I always envisioned him a bit older and more rugged my entire life. ( I've played through this one many times since I was a kid ). It's the DS, it's to be expected. We'll see, he's a paladin most of the time eh? Might look a bit more badarse later on...
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