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Initial impressions of the Square Enix Party

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The first day of the Square Enix Party in Chiba, Japan witnessed thousands of visitors to the Makuhari Messe convention center. Square Haven reports on the Amano artwork on the show floor, the cosplay displays, and various pamphlets and gifts made available to guests of the special event. An overview of the show floor, including photos of the booths and gameplay impressions, will unfold over the coming week.

Preceding the Square Enix Party, being held yesterday and today in Chiba, Japan, hundreds of Square Enix fans waited in line through the May heat outside the convention center at Makuhari. Once indoors, guests were offered a white tote bag and materials explaining various rules for procuring Square Enix souvenirs. The gift for standing in line to play a demo of Subarashiki Kono Sekai, for instance, was a Takaharu Ishimoto sampler CD. Due to the tremendous turnout, trying out Crisis Core was attended by waits of over an hour. Square Haven will report on the games themselves throughout the week.

The line of guests waiting outside
the convention center stretched several city blocks

One impressive aspect of the show was the effort shown by the cosplayers. The attention to detail, from poses, to makeup and paraphernalia, paid by fans was evident. Paine's red eyes in the following picture, for instance, are not an effect of flash photography.

Cosplayers at the Square Enix Party

Fans of Yoshitaka Amano were met by an abundance of quality prints on display throughout the show floor. The most striking piece of art was a golden screen of folding panels modeled after the Japanese sliding doors of the 16th century. Amano's Dissidia artwork brings together a collection of mosters and summons from previous Final Fantasy titles, with Fabula Nova Crystallis's Cosmos as the central figure.

The Amano art on display drew crowds, particularly the intricately detailed Dissidia screen print

More details regarding the games on display themselves at the Square Enix Party will be posted throughout the week.

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You seem to have forgotten to cover the fact that Square is completely retarded and is planning on releasing the "currently in development" Parasite Eve 3 on the fucking DoCoMo...

Seriously. What the Christ!?
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