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Nintendo announces freakin' huge list of composers for Super Smash Bros. Brawl

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What happens when you get 36 composers to arrange "several of their favourite songs" from a bunch of Nintendo games? You get Super Smash Bros. Brawl of course. Included in this large list are Yasunori Mitsuda & Yoko Shimomura among other respected individuals. Will the soundtrack that possibly boasts the largest number of composers/arrangers ever actually turn out good?

First off, here are the people of most interest on this project:

I should also point out for those that aren't already aware, Nobuo Uematsu has created the theme for this title, which brings the total list of staff to 37.

For a full list of all staff involved, please visit the announcement here. Also found on this page is a sample of the menu background music, newly arranged by Motoi Sakuraba. It conforms to the original style, yet is slightly more upbeat and certainly of better quality. I can't help but wonder though if Nintendo's money is being spent wisely here.

I can't be somewhat skeptical about all of this. Yes, freshly arrange Nintendo music can be great. Yes, a lot of the names listed are suprising, and great. However putting that many composers together on one game can (and often if not usually has) lead to problems.

There is a huge amount of variation between the styles that all of these composers use, and they will no doubt influence their arrangements with their own taste and judgement. This will either be a horrific randomly pieced together soundtrack, or a suprisingly well blended fusion of fantastic staff. Only time will tell how big of a problem this will cause, or whether it turns out for the best.

Source: Smash Bros. DOJO!!

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Interesting to note that Honda is involved with MGS4. Usually it's Harry Gregson-Williams and Norihiko Hibino; Honda worked earlier on the Zone of the Enders games.

I thought it was pretty funny that in mentioning Sakuraba they chose to use Golden Sun as an example of his works, rather than Star Ocean and Valkyrie Profile.
Yeah that's why I changed part of it, I'd safely assume that Harry Gregson-Williams is still involved, and probably Hibono too. MGS3 introduced a new writer, so maybe they want to branch the music out a bit.
Even though too many chefs usually spoil the brew, I think the variation in musical styles may work if this Smash Brothers game because each battlefield is meant to be visually distinct, so having a strikingly different sound for each little "world" of the game just builds on that theme.

sorry for the run-on sentence
I appreciate anyone who is manly enough to write a thoughtful post that actually contributes to the conversation and then proceeds to apologize for bad grammar, so you have my respect Mr Zitah. Welcome to Square Haven.
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