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Swinging with Dragon Quest Swords

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A new trailer for Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors, originally shown at the Square Enix Party, has been posted to the internet. The video gives fans a closer look at the upcoming sword-wielding role-playing game, including instructions on how to perform magic spells and special attacks, story details, and Sugiyama tunes.

Upon visiting the magnificent island kingdom of Alsord, an outsider might not suspect that it is home to a disturbing secret. Five years ago, the sinister being that tyrannically ruled over the island, was sealed away in the Tower of Mirrors by the powerful sorceress, the Queen of Alsord. As the townsfolk engage in their annual celebration to commemorate their triumph over the demon, the forces of darkness take the opportunity to sweep down and kidnap the queen. Alas, most of the kingdom's residents, being mere non-playable characters are at a loss to remedy the situation. A band of swordsmen and magicians led by you, the nameless hero, must embark on a quest to rescue the kidnapped queen and restore peace to Alsord.

Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors is set to make its debut on the Nintendo Wii. The spiritual successor to Kenshin Dragon Quest, a TV plug-and-play device featuring similar gameplay mechanics, Dragon Quest enthusiasts will be offered an immersive swashbuckling experience, thanks to the console's motion-sensing capabilities. Players will be dared to brandish the wiimote as a sword to slice up baddies or a shield to deflect enemy attacks relative to the adversaries on-screen. Alternatively, characters can learn devastating magic spells and send thunderbolts at the enemy. The developers are reaching for a more engaging experience, making the most of the physical interactivity provided by the Nintendo console.

Dragon Quest Swords, like previous entries in the series, brings with it a colorful cast of characters. The enigmatic, nameless hero is garbed in an eye-catching red vest, equipped with a sword, and sporting tangled curls: a look suitable for an armed adventurer. The hero's father, Bowd, is a former master swordsman whose achilles heels are alcohol and women. After losing his right arm, which has been replaced by a prosthetic metal appendage, he can help out the hero with his magic skills. Setia, the female protagonist, once served as a monk in a monastery. A proficient spell-caster, she has departed from the sisterhood and embraced the gothic lolita look. Prince Dean's royal origins speak to his refinement and determination to rescue the captured queen. Equally skilled in both wizardry and the blade, he is a helpful ally in a pinch.

In the new Dragon Quest Swords trailer, viewers are treated to gameplay footage, expanding on the aforementioned mechanics with glimpses of the party's special attacks, which can be executed by mimicking the gestures shown on-screen. In the trailer, we see the gamer importuned to trace the shape of the infinity symbol. Smatterings of story details are also sprinkled throughout. Koichi Sugiyama's iconic Dragon Quest serves as the icing on the cake, asserting that this game, though a spin-off, is firmly grounded in the spirit of Enix's landmark series. Dragon Quest Swords is slated for a July 12, 2007 release in Japan, while a North American release been confirmed for 2008.

Dragon Quest Swords Square Enix Party trailer

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