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E3 2007 - Final Fantasy XII: Zodiac Job System

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With the E3 fun underway, Square Haven starts you off with the Japanese Zodiac Job System trailer and a few tidbits about a game that, in all fairness, you'll probably never get to see. Cry with me...

Final Fantasy XII: Zodiac Job System promises to be the penultimate edition of Square Enix's groundbreaking (wait for it) Final Fantasy XII. This international version, packing English dubs and a 16:9 viewing mode, will be available August 9th on Japanese shores with a few interesting modifications.

As its name would suggest, the title has been retrofitted with a new license board to feature multiple grids. Each corrolates with a different job, allowing characters to take on roles including knight, black mage, archer, and so on. Sadly, no Whiny Half-Naked Youth class has been announced--sorry Vaan.

In addition to these changes, players can expect to control summoned Espers and former NPCs Larsa and Vossler, partake in a survival-based "trial mode", and use the L1 button to speed up game speed. Sounds spectacular. But alas, as with previous international editions, there is little chance of this upgrade making it out of Japan. To exacerbate your lamentations, the Japanese trailer:

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