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E3 2007 - Sony unveils slimmer Playstation Portable; Nintendo counters with edible DS

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Sony today announced plans to market a redesigned Playstation Portable console. The handheld gaming device will use less battery power than its predecessor, thanks to the thinner LCD display. The fitter, happier, more productive PSP is currently in the pre-manufacturing phase of its development. Not to be outdone, Nintendo has announced it will be releasing an edible DS.

At today's pre-E3 press report, Sony unveiled their redesign for the Playstation Portable, which will add several new features to the portable game console. The revamped handheld is 33% thinner, 19% slimmer, and 22% sexier. The new screen is also more efficient in its consumption of battery power, allowing for lengthier playing time between chagrins.

In addition to the slimmer frame, the new PSP design will have a video out port, allowing players to watch UMD videos on a widescreen television. The company plans to have the new model on store shelves in September for $200. The handheld will debut in vanilla white, ice silver, and delicious piano black.

Not to be outdone by Sony's svelte PSP, Nintendo has announced it will be launching an edible version of the Nintendo DS game system this holiday season. The handheld console will debut in three new flavors: chocolate, strawberry, and melon, for a suggested retail price of $150. Nintendo cautions purchasers that the stylus remains inedible and a choking hazard, and therefore to proceed with caution.

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Chocolate DS, here I come!
22% sexier? Bah! I won't buy it unless the games are at least 200% better.
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