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E3 2007 - Square Enix laughs in face of PS3 price drop

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It seems that a little is just not enough anymore. Earlier this week, European and US Square Enix President and CEO John Yamamoto commented on the $100 price decrease for Sony's poorly-selling Playstation 3. "[It's] still a bit expensive for most gamers," said Yamamoto. "Most of them think that price is still high." When asked if he was concerned by the success of the XBox 360 and the Nintendo Wii, Yamamoto responded, "Looking at Sony's history, Sony is selling PS2 all over. Even in Spain, Italy - they're very strong. I think it will depend on the titles available in each area."

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Forums / News / E3 2007 - Square Enix laughs in face of PS3 price drop

Poorly selling? According to VGchartz at 7.5 months after the 360 launched only 3.7 million consoles were sold. Now since this was a year ago I would guess this is a revised and therefore accurate number. So if this is true, I guess PS3 sales are not as bad as some say, since they sold 4.28 million in the 7.5 months after launch. Sells are increasing to 40-50,000 consoles a week from modest 20,000. How is that poorly selling? Might not be as good as the PS2 but come on the console hasn't even been out a year yet. Everywhere you look someone is bashing the PS3 and most people seem to be pretty darn ignorant on the subject. Blu Ray has been taking off also. Just these past weeks Blockbuster and Target are to rent(BB)/sell(BB & Target) exclusively. Razor Digital, Questar, Tartan Video all have become exclusive. Also Optimum went netural. HD DVD seems to be losing a lot of support. It seems 95% of the companies are backing Blu Ray and it has been selling a lot better. You don't need to take my word for it, you can do a simple search to see the sales. Sony isn't doing as bad as people seem to make up on the internet. Oh well the facts are there, take them as you wish.

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