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Final Fantasy VII's 10th Anniversary means eye-bulging bonuses

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Square Enix recently unveiled its plan for promoting the latest entry into the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core. Why? While the company is indeed one of the craftiest money-grubbing groups around, and each handheld FF title seems to require its own customized portable system, there is actually another reason behind this announcement. Everyone's favorite (overrated?) Playstation RPG, Final Fantasy VII, is turning ten years old. A slew of collectibles has been announced to celebrate the game's 10th anniversary, one of which is a limited edition Slim PSP with a Crisis Core facade (gasp!). Die-hard fans of all things Square and/or FFVII should take note of this upcoming special offer, because it won't be available for very long. What are you waiting for?
Of course, another Compilation of Final Fantasy VII title alone is not enough. Square Enix recently showcased their plans to include nifty bonuses with the special edition of Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII. For once, the occasion is more than another attempt to roll in the dough. The release of this special bundle will mark the 10th Anniversary of Final Fantasy VII, and as such, these extras seem to be a nod to the fans responsible for keeping the game's popularity afloat with their sea of unending praise, raging fanaticism, yaoi fan-fiction, et al.

First off, there is the limited Final Fantasy VII 10th Anniversary Edition bundle for the upcoming Crisis Core. In addition to the game itself, there are a few extras to behold. We've all seen this one coming: a limited edition Slim PSP decked out in Crisis Core attire. Its is tattooed with Tetsuya Nomura's character artwork along with an obligatory Final Fantasy VII 10th Anniversary logo (that is, the FFVII logo branded with the words "10th Anniversary" stamped on the bottom). A strap featuring the iconic Buster Sword will also be included for good measure. The whole shebang will smite consumers' wallets with a hefty ¥25,890 points of damage (that translates to around $212).

Secondly, a Final Fantasy Potion package was announced. While it will not be included in the Crisis Core special box, it is indeed another entry in the 10th Anniversary Limited series of items. Rabid fangirls will be delighted to hear that the drink will have a "Sephiroth" flavor: a dolomite tincture encompassing the elements of solitude and elegance. The drink is also blessed with a dose of thiamine, an inclusion intended to win over those parents preoccupied with their children's health. Also of note is the awe-inspiring shape and design of the bottle, sure to make many a head turn as its keeper downs the unique contents in one prideful chug. But wait, there's more! The box will also contain the Final Fantasy VII 10th Anniversary Ultimania book, included for fans to flip through as they take the first few sips of their potion. Scrawled on its pages will be a plethora of information regarding the wondrous franchise that is (The Compilation of) Final Fantasy VII. This set is slated to be considerably less expensive than its Crisis Core brother, at a price of ¥3,980 ($33).

Alas, these spectacular bundles of joy are exclusive to the Land of the Rising Sun. In addition, a mere 77,777 copies of these packages will be crafted. This can only mean that collectors will need to snag these goodies before they walk the dimly lit path of elusive eBay items. Fanboys, have your import gear ready by September 13 of this year.

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