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Square Haven launches new homepage to surprise and elation

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katamari kingToday is a special day. Do not attempt to adjust your monitors: Square Haven has officially launched its new homepage. Besides being considerably widened to reduce scrolling frustration and accommodate larger resolutions, its launch also features the brand-new "Stream of Consciousness", courtesy of Rahul, who has been busy cranking out its glorious goodness for all to enjoy. Positioned firmly inside the right column, it details up-to-date information regarding user profiles, collections, comments, ratings and, of course, staff updates tabbed and highlighted for your convenience. With this new feature, we here at Square Haven hope to keep everyone better updated about what's going on and get everyone as fanatic as we are communicating just a little bit better. Enjoy!

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Forums / News / Square Haven launches new homepage to surprise and elation

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Private comments? Like "Please fire Rahul. His design sense is offensive ."? :-(
I love this new design, but for folks who have sidebars, etc. It's waay too wide. Make it fit into at least 890 - 920px.

This is the part where I deadpan at Rahul.
Please fire Rahul. His design sense is offensive.
Cerberus -- Thanks for the feedback. We can't design for the possibility of people having sidebars, because we don't know what the width would be of sidebars, and not many people have sidebars in the first place. We may reduce it a little bit to give more breathing room, however.
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