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Square Enix opens online store; Japanese economy flushes with money

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On this very evening two days ago, Square Enix finally took another step towards global nerd domination with the opening of its online store. As the ethereal doors swung open to the glorious sounds of users clogging its servers, so did an age end. No longer will we be forced to scour frightening Japanese markets in search of stuffed Chocobos, or haggle aggressively at conventions for the lowest price on a limited edition Final Fantasy VIII Lionheart necklace because, dammit, the other guy down there had it cheaper before it sold out. Among its other goods, the store features jewelry, plushies, figurines, and various other unnecessary accessories.

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Forums / News / Square Enix opens online store; Japanese economy flushes with money

How expensive, might I ask, is too expensive?

Last edited by Eddy on August 25, 2007

Not really, SE is gonna milk us like cows for their products. Their getting like SEGA now, countless, oountless spin-offs.
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