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Kingdom Hearts to mightily morph into polymorphism?

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Im not wearing any clothes outside of this picture!!The latest issue of EGM magazine apparently introduces the quite unsurprising rumour that Kingdom Hearts is the next victim in line for a total polymorphification procedure: "Quartermann is abuzz about a series of prequels currently in-the-works for a number of consoles and handhelds. Think along the same lines as what's happened with Final Fantasy VII -- let's just hope the games are better this time." Only Dragon Quest appears to be left untouched (though I may have spoken too soon). So expect more card games, sidescrolling Kingdom Hearts platformers starring Mickey, and Power Rangers/DBZ/Sora crossover yaoi as a result of the KH3 preview trailer.

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Forums / News / Kingdom Hearts to mightily morph into polymorphism?

I'm going to be waiting on Cooking Sora for the Wii, thanks.
I want Rahul to Polymorph
I can only lead you to the water, youre the one that has to drink it.
Are you serious?!! More of that card battle system crap! *Sighs deeply* When will it end?! Will it ever end?!!
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