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Wii ostracized by Square Enix MMO team

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Hiromichi TanakaIn an unsurprising turn of events, Hiromichi Tanaka, producer of Final Fantasy XI, stated after his keynote speech at the Austin Game Developers Conference that chances of his newest cross-platform MMO hitting the Wii is slim to none. Citing resolution differences and Nintendo's current aversion to cross-platform titles, Tanaka finished by saying "Currently we're not looking at Nintendo Wii as a platform." Though still technically possible to include the Wii in the fun, chances are slim that it will make the cut.

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Forums / News / Wii ostracized by Square Enix MMO team.

Luckily I've held out on my next-gen purchase. Winner gets me, and winner better damn well have some good RPGs.
Hmm...I hope it dosen't make the cut to tell you the truth. lol
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