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A non-violent acquisition: Infinite Undiscovery

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Well, sort of. A recent Microsoft press conference was host to the announcement that tri-Ace's most recent Action RPG outing, Infinite Undiscovery, which was created with the assistance of Microsoft Game Studios, would not be published directly by Microsoft but rather by Square Enix. Being the good buddies that tri-Ace and Square Enix are, this comes as no incredible surprise. Announced just over a year ago, Infinite Undiscovery is a title slated for the XBox 360 which features incredible amounts of exploration and...erm...discovery? In case you're wondering about the title, producer Yoshiharu Gotanda explained in an interview that the word "Undiscovery" arose from the combination of "cover" with "Dis-" and "Un-" as double negatives. Suddenly other naming schemes, such as those which brought us Edge Maverick, begin to make sense.

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