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Infinite Undiscovery becomes a little less undiscovered

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Infinite UndiscoveryWith as little known about the Xbox 360 title Infinite Undiscovery as is possible, Famitsu was kind enough to offer up some details on the tri-Ace RPG.

The game follows the story of Kapel, an entertainer who gets mistaken for the "Hero of Light", Siegmund, and is taken hostage by the Army of the Seal despite his non-violent nature. However, rescue is soon on its way in the form of Aya, a member of the Liberation Army and Siegmund's traveling partner who believes it is Siegmund that has been captured. Aya's cute appearance and strong personality only mask a conflicted woman on the inside as she tries to disguise her weaknesses and instead focus on the task at hand.

The battle system in the game will be in real-time and transition seamlessly to and from exploration mode. Your party may receive help from bystanders during a battle or be thrown into what is called a situation battle. These battles are not normal encounters, instead centering around an alternate activity such as "running away from a giant monster."

This tri-Ace title will be centered around discoveries. This theme covers the entire spectrum of the game and all its aspects. However, a release date has still been left undiscovered.

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The Army of Seal?
Does the Seal stand for something? Hopefully so. Such a strange name for a military force, don't you believe?
And...last time I checked, Seals were rather peaceful animals. lol Do they really deserve to be turned into such a thing?

I'm no animal rights activist either.
I don't condone cruelty to animals or anything like that...but I'm just saying.
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