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Famitsu opens The Sealed Grimoire, judges book by contents

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The most recent issue of Japanese Famitsu featured a review of everyone's most favorite strategy-RPG, Ivalice Alliance member, and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance sequel: Final Fantasy Tactics: The Sealed Grimoire. The score? Well...

For the mathematically impaired, this totals to a lump 34/40. Quite high for a title that, at least for this editor, has not been highly anticipated. Still, the previous titles in the Ivalice Alliance have churned out good scores and Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions appears to have stamped a firm (and popular) foot onto U.S. soil as of a few days ago. What details did Famitsu offer with its score? Let's take a brief look:

  • A large variety of quests
  • Many jobs and abilities added
  • The Law System is much improved
  • Customizing characters is fun (thanks for the obvious, Famitsu)
  • Flat story development
  • Maps lack visibility
As far as one can tell, Ivalice has churned out another quality title. Can it be so? Please discuss.

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