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Blue Dragon gets more content

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Microsoft bore the second of two recent content upgrades for Blue Dragon yesterday in the form of a downloadable pack on Xbox Live. The "Shuffle Dungeon" mod, available now for 400 Microsoft Points, features a mysterious dungeon that changes every time the player enters. In addition to more than 30 new items, powerful monsters, and 10 new "hard-to-beat" bosses, the package supports both "Ultra Hard" difficulty settings.

The first, a "Six Treasures" package, was released earlier this month, expanding gameplay with the addition of six new items that enhance Shu and his companions in a number of ways. Below is a full description of each treasure and its effects on party members:

“Whimsical Mind” – an item that enhances a few randomly-selected categories by 0 - 4 levels

“Way of Thieves” – an item that grants a character the ability to steal rare objects held by monsters during battle

“Devee Phonograph” – allows players to listen to the “Devee-tribe Dance”

“Nothing Glasses” – lets the player visualize “nothing” points by means of star-looking symbols when equipped

“Shuffled Helmet” – adjusts Magic and Speed parameters (Magic +40 / Speed -40) - detrimental when used by itself, because it reduces the Speed parameter by 50 points - however, this item can quadruplicate the Magic parameter and reverse the Speed parameter when equipped alongside “Shuffled Breastplate” and “Shuffled Splint," thereby making the set the strongest equipment in the game (Magic +160 / Speed +40)

“Spring-wind Scarf” – adjusts a character’s HP and Speed parameters by +20%

The "Six Treasures" mod can be downloaded on Xbox Live for 200 Microsoft Points.

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