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Odin Sphere in Europe!

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Did Square Enix develop Odin Sphere? No way! Then, surely, they were responsible for the game's localization? No, that doesn't sound quite right either. What the deal here? Square is bringing Odin Sphere to Europe, but how? They haven't had any previous involvement with the game. Well, at the bottom of this sinister plot is a partnership: Square's companionship with fellow publisher Atlus has enabled them to release this non-Square title in PAL regions. European Action RPG fanatics are sure to be pleased by this news, as Odin Sphere was lauded in North America as one of the most beautiful RPG jewels of this year. Square Enix president John Yamamoto notes that this development marks "an exciting new period for the company", perhaps insinuating that the best is yet to come.

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Enjoy the load times at the Pooka Cafe, Europe... enjoy them all night long.

Other than that and the slow down, Odin Sphere is pretty good. It was also a breath of fresh air for us in the US, since it's the only game put out by Atlus that isn't part of their vast library of strategy games that look and play identically to one another.
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