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  • Voices of the Lifestream; 4 discs of remix goodness
    Voices of the LifestreamIf you ever thought the track "Heart of Anxiety" needed vocals or just wanted a coherent collection of Final Fantasy VII remixes, then OC Remix has answered your prayers. Final Fantasy VII: Voices of the Lifesteam is a four disc collection of some of the best VGM remixers on the web paying tribute to the FFVII soundtrack. Nearly half of the original soundtrack is featured on this monster of an album, including fan favorites such as "Opening - Bombing Mission", "Tifa's Theme", and the ever popular "One-Winged Angel." The release is available as a free download from their website as both a torrent (including WAV and MP3) or as individual tracks. The discs themselves are named for the spin-off titles centered around FFVII, namely "Crisis", "Dirge", "Advent", and "Order." Since the album is being distributed for free, there should be no excuse for not at least giving it a try. Download the Album
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