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  • Additional goodness in Star Ocean: First Departure
    Star Ocean: First DepartureThe PSP title Star Ocean: First Departure --a remake of the classic Enix title Star Ocean-- will feature an all new playable character. While not much is known about the character named simply Enis, it has been released that she is from a group known as the Feather Folk and looks strikingly like an angel. In addition to the character, Square Enix and Sony have confirmed that the title will also be released as a bundle with the PSP system.
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  • PSP sales not abysmal this week!
    PSPThanks in part (or solely) to the large popularity of the PSP title Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII (which sold approximately 480,000 units its first week), PSP system sales for the week ending on September 16 has increased more than six times that of the previous week. With 95,487 units sold, PSP has outsold DS (79,974) to take the number one spot on the Japanese Hardware Sales list for the week. Now that everyone who will ever want a PSP now owns one, expect the sales to bottom back out at just this side of nothing in a week or two. Rounding out the bottom of the list was the Gamecube with an impressive 97 units sold.
    news article 21 Sep 2007 by Andrew  -3  no new comments discusss permalink permalink

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