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  • Sales update: the Crisis continues
    ccff7_gackt.pngCrisis Core - Final Fantasy VII's stride upward continues with 109,000 copies sold this past week and 595,000 since its release a little under a month ago. This is good news for PSP owners, as Crisis Core appears to have been dragging the PSP upward. With more solid titles (read: remakes) heading for the PSP and system owners emerging everywhere, the promise of a viable Sony portable is steadily becoming a reality. On a side note, Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Plus (another PSP title) released in second place with 93,000 copies sold and Pokémon Fushigi no Dungeon: Toki no Tankentai came in third with 85,000 copies and 385,000 since release.
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  • Square Enix to devote more attention to U.S., European markets
    squenix.gifSquare Enix is reportedly looking for a publishing partner to increase its presence in North America, Europe, and other oversees markets. This means increased attention to these markets and a more varied array of genres that will appeal to their endemic gaming palates. Full Article
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  • A triple shot of Kingdom Hearts
    Kingdom HeartsThe first day of this year's Tokyo Game Show saw the official announcement of three new Kingdom Hearts titles: Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, and Kingdom Hearts: Coded will appear on the DS, PSP, and mobile platform respectively. No release dates have been announced for any of the titles yet. Details on the new games
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  • Who would have guessed; more Kingdom Hearts
    SoraRevealed in the past few days through a recent 1up podcast and the Japanese magazine V-Jump, Square-Enix has started talks about their newest venture into the world of Kingdom Hearts. While no titles have been mentioned specifically, the chance of one hitting the PSP is very likely. Square-Enix has assured its fans that none of the new titles will be remakes and will in-fact be completely new adventures. These new titles are also said to include Roxas and Axel.
    news article 18 Sep 2007 by Andrew  25  no new comments discusss permalink permalink
  • Voices of the Lifestream; 4 discs of remix goodness
    Voices of the LifestreamIf you ever thought the track "Heart of Anxiety" needed vocals or just wanted a coherent collection of Final Fantasy VII remixes, then OC Remix has answered your prayers. Final Fantasy VII: Voices of the Lifesteam is a four disc collection of some of the best VGM remixers on the web paying tribute to the FFVII soundtrack. Nearly half of the original soundtrack is featured on this monster of an album, including fan favorites such as "Opening - Bombing Mission", "Tifa's Theme", and the ever popular "One-Winged Angel." The release is available as a free download from their website as both a torrent (including WAV and MP3) or as individual tracks. The discs themselves are named for the spin-off titles centered around FFVII, namely "Crisis", "Dirge", "Advent", and "Order." Since the album is being distributed for free, there should be no excuse for not at least giving it a try. Download the Album
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  • Crisis Core shipment met by large lines and Shinji Hashimoto
    ccff7_reno.pngJapanese Famitsu, which also happened to give Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII a score of 35/40, took some time to chronicle the release of the highly-anticipated Final Fantasy VII prequel. According to its reports, a line of 250 had formed in front of Bic Camera's main store in Ikebukuro thirty minutes before opening and another had 200 gamers standing in wait at Yodobashi Camera's Shinjuku West store just south of that, where managers opened early only to have the line to expand to 300. Now that the line had adequately prepared for glory, Square Enix executive director Shinji Hashimoto made an appearance to guffaw mightily while piles of yen flew into his pockets compelled by sheer force of greed. In truth, Hashimoto pointed out his concerns about sales with the very recent release of the updated PSP hardware and, noting mothers in line with their children, commented that he had felt the flow of time since Final Fantasy VII's release. It's okay, Hashimoto-san, no need to cry. It looks like Crisis Core is going to give the PSP's reigning sales champion, Monster Hunter 2, a run for its money.
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  • A non-violent acquisition: Infinite Undiscovery
    infinite_undiscovery.pngWell, sort of. A recent Microsoft press conference was host to the announcement that tri-Ace's most recent Action RPG outing, Infinite Undiscovery, which was created with the assistance of Microsoft Game Studios, would not be published directly by Microsoft but rather by Square Enix. Being the good buddies that tri-Ace and Square Enix are, this comes as no incredible surprise. Announced just over a year ago, Infinite Undiscovery is a title slated for the XBox 360 which features incredible amounts of exploration and...erm...discovery? In case you're wondering about the title, producer Yoshiharu Gotanda explained in an interview that the word "Undiscovery" arose from the combination of "cover" with "Dis-" and "Un-" as double negatives. Suddenly other naming schemes, such as those which brought us Edge Maverick, begin to make sense. Full Coverage
    news article 13 Sep 2007 by Ziyad  -27  no new comments discusss permalink permalink
  • FF Tactics A2 is serious business
    FFTA2With a little over a month to go before the release of Final Fantasy Tactics A2: The Sealed Grimoire, Square-Enix has released details on two new tribes found in the game. The Seeq, a pig-like race first seen in Final Fantasy XII, and the Gria, a female clan with dragon-esque qualities, will be available to the player, including their Bastard class. Look for FFTA2: The Sealed Grimoire on (Japanese) shelves near the end of October. DS Fanboy
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  • Review: Heroes of Mana
    hom_yurachel.pngThe power of Mana is waning on all fronts. Does this outing for the DS have what it takes to finally take back the series after two failed attempts or will Koichi Ishii find himself scrubbing toilets over at Mistwalker? Click on to find out. Full Review
    news article 07 Sep 2007 by Ziyad  29  no new comments discusss permalink permalink
  • A young FFCC clambers to 250k; old man FFXI still pushing 500k
    Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of FatesThe newest Japanese Software Chart reveals that the late August release of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates has reached 256,000 sales, putting it at number one. Similarly, Final Fantasy XI has finally reached 500,000 players worldwide. Unfortunately for FFXI, the five year crawl to 500,000 has been significantly dwarfed by FFCC's stampede up the charts. Hopefully, the long-term investment in FFXI has warranted enough profits to compete with resource reinvestment in various smaller projects.
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  • Wada tells Sony to get its shit straight
    wada.PNGReuters reports today on the critically bad state of Playstation 3 in Japan, and underlines it with an equally critical comment from Yoichi Wada, who you may recognise as Captain Polymorph. Says the -- otherwise fairly benign -- president, "[...] after some badgering from game companies, [Sony] shifted the position of the console closer to a game machine." Reading between the lines, perhaps we can infer from Wada's comments that he's not enthralled by PS3's dismal sales given that the company has practically banked its next-gen success on the platform with Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII -- and similarly, perhaps this is the reason we're not seeing any new announcements short of sudden commentary that the games' underlying White engine technology is now "cross-platform". Reuters
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  • Wii ostracized by Square Enix MMO team
    Hiromichi TanakaIn an unsurprising turn of events, Hiromichi Tanaka, producer of Final Fantasy XI, stated after his keynote speech at the Austin Game Developers Conference that chances of his newest cross-platform MMO hitting the Wii is slim to none. Citing resolution differences and Nintendo's current aversion to cross-platform titles, Tanaka finished by saying "Currently we're not looking at Nintendo Wii as a platform." Though still technically possible to include the Wii in the fun, chances are slim that it will make the cut.
    news article 06 Sep 2007 by Andrew  22  no new comments discusss permalink permalink
  • First Star Ocean 4 details, images
    hajimekojima.pngA recent issue of Japanese Famitsu finally revealed the first details regarding Tri-Ace's forthcoming Star Ocean 4, its latest venture into the sci-fi action RPG series. Fans of Star Ocean: Till the End of Time might be intrigued to find that the next installment of the series will take place in a slightly different universe, which, spoilers aside, will make for some interesting continuity. Further, Tri-Ace has taken the jabs of its fans and critics to heart, penning a story which places the main character at the helm of an exploration spaceship and allows for more non-linear gameplay. His name? Edge Maverick. Let me say that again. Edge. Maverick. He partners with his childhood friend Reimi to deliver an adventure that promises to be broader in world scope. Unfortunately, assistant producer Hajime Kojima did not reveal the console due to receive this next Star Ocean iteration, citing only that it would be one "that can display beautiful graphics." I suppose that rules out the Wii. Scans
    news article 05 Sep 2007 by Ziyad  18  no new comments discusss permalink permalink
  • TGS 2007 Lineup - Tobal returns
    tgs2007.pngThat majestic time of year is looming, and Square Enix has just announced its lineup for the 2007 Tokyo Game Show, featuring Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest in various forms. Click on for more details and tell us which title you're looking forward to seeing most. Full List
    news article 03 Sep 2007 by Ziyad  0  no new comments discusss permalink permalink
  • Final Fantasy potion in collectible tin can form
    ff7-ac_tifa.PNGAbout a year and a half ago, Square Enix graced us with the Final Fantasy Potion, a mixture of fantastic chemicals all summing to a reportedly horrendous taste. The bottle itself was nothing to gawk at, either. Now Square Enix has different ideas: as part of its Final Fantasy VII 10th Anniversary celebration, beverage maker Suntory will once again join hands with our favorite Final Fantasy overlords to produce...the same exact thing. Only this time the delicious drink has found its way into collectible tin cans featuring Final Fantasy VII character artwork and others bundled with TRADING ARTS mini figures and minutely different art. Do you want to own a piece of history? Behold
    news article 31 Aug 2007 by Ziyad  -16  no new comments discusss permalink permalink
  • Kingdom Hearts to mightily morph into polymorphism?
    Im not wearing any clothes outside of this picture!!The latest issue of EGM magazine apparently introduces the quite unsurprising rumour that Kingdom Hearts is the next victim in line for a total polymorphification procedure: "Quartermann is abuzz about a series of prequels currently in-the-works for a number of consoles and handhelds. Think along the same lines as what's happened with Final Fantasy VII -- let's just hope the games are better this time." Only Dragon Quest appears to be left untouched (though I may have spoken too soon). So expect more card games, sidescrolling Kingdom Hearts platformers starring Mickey, and Power Rangers/DBZ/Sora crossover yaoi as a result of the KH3 preview trailer.
    news article 29 Aug 2007 by Rahul  12  no new comments discusss permalink permalink
  • Square Enix delays Dragon Quest IX; quality issues cited
    dq9_slime.pngSquare Enix announced today that the release of the anticipated Dragon Quest IX would be shifted to 2008 in Japan from a previous listing of late 2007. The reason? Apparently, quality improvements are the cause of Level 5's development delay. While this news is no doubt unfortunate for fans of the series, it also means that Square Enix is willing to sacrifice time for a quality product. If such a behavior pays off in sales and eventually becomes policy, it could mean a new vitality amidst some lately-mediocre titles.
    news article 27 Aug 2007 by Ziyad  32  no new comments discusss permalink permalink
  • Square Enix opens online store; Japanese economy flushes with money
    ffvii_materia.pngOn this very evening two days ago, Square Enix finally took another step towards global nerd domination with the opening of its online store. As the ethereal doors swung open to the glorious sounds of users clogging its servers, so did an age end. No longer will we be forced to scour frightening Japanese markets in search of stuffed Chocobos, or haggle aggressively at conventions for the lowest price on a limited edition Final Fantasy VIII Lionheart necklace because, dammit, the other guy down there had it cheaper before it sold out. Among its other goods, the store features jewelry, plushies, figurines, and various other unnecessary accessories. Link
    news article 22 Aug 2007 by Ziyad  26  no new comments discusss permalink permalink
  • Game Trailers now schooling gamers on Final Fantasy history
    game_trailers.pngA little over a month ago, began its "Final Fantasy Retrospective", a survey of the Final Fantasy series, beginning with its humble origins some twenty years ago. Aside from being extremely well put-together and informative, it features references to some of our favorite embarrassing Square titles, from Alpha to 3-D Worldrunner. Now in its sixth installment featuring Final Fantasy VIII and Final Fantasy XI, it is a comprehensive look at one of Square Enix's flagship series and a definite must-watch for any fan or historian. Now that G4 has hit rock bottom, appears to be a source for thoughtful programming woefully unavailable elsewhere. Watch Now
    news article 22 Aug 2007 by Ziyad  -32  no new comments discusss permalink permalink
  • Zodiac Job System release met with hilarious defeat
    ffxii_viera.JPGAs last week's Japanese sales charts would appear to indicate, Final Fantasy XII: Zodiac Job System did not release with a tremendous amount of fanfare, ranking in third place with some 45,869 copies. It was beaten out by Mario Party 8 for the Wii, which sold 103,889 copies of its total 504,000 this past week to put it in second place. SD Gundam G Generation Cross Drive was the real winner, debuting on the DS at number one with 137,717 copies. To spare your calculators the effort, that means that our super-deformed buddies have almost exactly three times the appeal of Yasumi Matsuno's definitive Ivalice adventure. Which just goes to show you: shit with big heads always wins. Or something.
    news article 22 Aug 2007 by Ziyad  -27  no new comments discusss permalink permalink

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