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  • First Star Ocean 4 details, images
    hajimekojima.pngA recent issue of Japanese Famitsu finally revealed the first details regarding Tri-Ace's forthcoming Star Ocean 4, its latest venture into the sci-fi action RPG series. Fans of Star Ocean: Till the End of Time might be intrigued to find that the next installment of the series will take place in a slightly different universe, which, spoilers aside, will make for some interesting continuity. Further, Tri-Ace has taken the jabs of its fans and critics to heart, penning a story which places the main character at the helm of an exploration spaceship and allows for more non-linear gameplay. His name? Edge Maverick. Let me say that again. Edge. Maverick. He partners with his childhood friend Reimi to deliver an adventure that promises to be broader in world scope. Unfortunately, assistant producer Hajime Kojima did not reveal the console due to receive this next Star Ocean iteration, citing only that it would be one "that can display beautiful graphics." I suppose that rules out the Wii. Scans
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