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  • Crisis Core shipment met by large lines and Shinji Hashimoto
    ccff7_reno.pngJapanese Famitsu, which also happened to give Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII a score of 35/40, took some time to chronicle the release of the highly-anticipated Final Fantasy VII prequel. According to its reports, a line of 250 had formed in front of Bic Camera's main store in Ikebukuro thirty minutes before opening and another had 200 gamers standing in wait at Yodobashi Camera's Shinjuku West store just south of that, where managers opened early only to have the line to expand to 300. Now that the line had adequately prepared for glory, Square Enix executive director Shinji Hashimoto made an appearance to guffaw mightily while piles of yen flew into his pockets compelled by sheer force of greed. In truth, Hashimoto pointed out his concerns about sales with the very recent release of the updated PSP hardware and, noting mothers in line with their children, commented that he had felt the flow of time since Final Fantasy VII's release. It's okay, Hashimoto-san, no need to cry. It looks like Crisis Core is going to give the PSP's reigning sales champion, Monster Hunter 2, a run for its money.
    news article 14 Sep 2007 by Ziyad  -27  no new comments discusss permalink permalink
  • Square Enix delays Dragon Quest IX; quality issues cited
    dq9_slime.pngSquare Enix announced today that the release of the anticipated Dragon Quest IX would be shifted to 2008 in Japan from a previous listing of late 2007. The reason? Apparently, quality improvements are the cause of Level 5's development delay. While this news is no doubt unfortunate for fans of the series, it also means that Square Enix is willing to sacrifice time for a quality product. If such a behavior pays off in sales and eventually becomes policy, it could mean a new vitality amidst some lately-mediocre titles.
    news article 27 Aug 2007 by Ziyad  32  no new comments discusss permalink permalink

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