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  • Zodiac Job System release met with hilarious defeat
    ffxii_viera.JPGAs last week's Japanese sales charts would appear to indicate, Final Fantasy XII: Zodiac Job System did not release with a tremendous amount of fanfare, ranking in third place with some 45,869 copies. It was beaten out by Mario Party 8 for the Wii, which sold 103,889 copies of its total 504,000 this past week to put it in second place. SD Gundam G Generation Cross Drive was the real winner, debuting on the DS at number one with 137,717 copies. To spare your calculators the effort, that means that our super-deformed buddies have almost exactly three times the appeal of Yasumi Matsuno's definitive Ivalice adventure. Which just goes to show you: shit with big heads always wins. Or something.
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