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Final Fantasy X

Traditional RPG
Final Fantasy
  • December 17, 2001
  • July 19, 2001
  • May 24, 2002
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A true Classic

A Final Fantasy X review Author: Rikku2 Published: January 23, 2005
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Final Fantasy X is one of the best games you will ever play, a game worthy enough to be in the list of top RPGs.

The Gameplay:

This game\'s battle system has a turn-based system. It\'s where you choose an option for the character to do. Time will only go by after when you have selected the option. The enemies usally come in groups, unless the enemy is extremly powerful is will be alone. You fight with three members in the party. You can switch out a weak character during battle with a stronger character. Once the character has no HP left you cannot switch that character with another.

Each of the characters have an Overdrive, which is where the character can break a damage limit on an enemy. You must fill the Overdrive gaudge to use the overdrive. Overkill is where you kil an enemy will more power than the enemy\'s Hp.

There are also special opitons called Trigger Comands. These are when you can interact with the enemy to increse your stats.

A new feature to this game is the Sphere Grid. This is where you can use your sphere levels to increse your characters max stats. You gain sphere levels by battling and killing enemies.

Aeons are the creatures Yuna can summon. When you summon the Aeon replaces the party. You can \"dismiss\" the aeons to fight with the party again.

Blitzball is an underwater sport, where you control a team and go through tournaments against otehr blitzball teams. You earn special ablities in blitzball. This a big mini game in the game, considering it has something to do with the storyline. Chocobos are another mini game, you can ride a chocobo in certain parts of Spira (the world). You go through training and then can ride anywhere with them. It\'s much faster than walking.

The monster arena is where you can purchase a special weapon with capture equiped on it, when you kill an enemy it will get captured. If you capture enough monsters, you will get some valuable prizes.



The graphics are extremely good compared to the other games in the FF series. The lips on the characters don\'t match up to the music or voices, but it shows how much Square-Enix can do with graphics. They are truly amazing for the FF series and PS2. FFX has the best graphics for a game. The FMV\'s are extremly detailed and exciting to watch.


Replay Value:

The Replay Value is really good considering what a great game it is (Great logic... - Ed.). It is a medium sized game, and you can change scenes in it so you can get different scenes is you replay. If you didn\'t get all the items or captured all the monsters the first time you can replay it and get all that in a short period of time because the game is a good size.



In this game you play as a young cheerful teenager initially with the name Tidus (You have the option to change the name in the begining of the game) from the city of Zanarkand, who gets swept 1000 years into the future. He meets a summoner Yuna, daughter of the high summoner who last defeated Sin to bring the Calm to the world of Spria which is a time of peace without Sin. Yuna\'s and her guardians try to stop Sin. Sin is reborn once it has been defeated.

The game\'s storyline is great but it has many twists in it to. The characters you meet in Spira include Auron, who was the guardian of High Summoner Braska, Yuna\'s father. Lulu is the black mage, who is like an older sister to Yuna. Wakka is a fighter who can attack flying creatures, is also the Captin of the Blitzball team the Besaid Aurochs. Kimahri of the Ronso race is a quiet warrior who has looked over Yuna since she was born. Later on in the game you meet Rikku, a teenager with an upbeat personality, who is attached to Yuna she has put a nickname on her.



This soundtrack of the FF series is a bit different, as Nobuo Uematsu had two other composers helping him with the music. Although it was a change in FF music history it still went well with the game. The music was more futuristic at times and laid back at others. All the more to express the feelings in the game.


Overall the game is really great. It\'s another RPG by Square with an intresting twist. The game is definitely one of the best in the FF series. It is also a Greatest Hit in PS2. It is truly a great RPG.

Overall 9.7/10

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