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Brave Fencer Musashi

Action RPG
  • 11/11/98
  • 07/16/98
B+ 37 total ratings
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Fantastic! Fun and addicting~!

A Brave Fencer Musashi review Author: Chinroku_sama Published: February 13, 2005
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Brave Fencer Musashi was actually one of the very first games that I played for the Playstation. I believe that I had rented it at the time... but that's not really important, is it? Let me just say that to this day, probably at least three or four years from when I first played it, it is still one of my favorite games. It's just that good.
I'll start with the plot. Okay, so the plot's not completely original. There are plenty of games and/or anime that have a plot detailing someone that is summoned from another world in order to become a hero. It is a fairly common plot. But, when you add in all sorts of other elements and surprises, that is when you have something good. And I believe that BFM has that. I don't want to give away too much, but the whole end is just great. There are a bunch of twists and most definitely a number of things you aren't in the least expecting. Also, there are so many funny aspects to this game. The English translation of all the dialog is quite well done, which is more than you can say for even some more recent games. There are a lot of witty lines. Overall, I think that the plot of BFM overcomes the fact that it has a common base extremely well.
Now, on to the characters! I love them. Yes, I downright love them. The characters are probably what make me love Brave Fencer Musashi the most. Everyone one of them is so different and they all have very distinct personalities. Musashi is so cute - he's very strong, but he's so small! He also has just about no respect for anyone else. Princess Fillet overcomes the basic princess clich? by just being... a brat! Her and Musashi's interactions are quite humorous. Then you get onto all the various minor characters, and there are a lot! Ed and Ben are two of my favorite video game characters - neither one of them is very smart and all they really seem to do is get in the way! Their characters are practically made for each other. Then you have Kojiro, who makes me laugh the whole time. I would love to have the background on him and Musashi and exactly all that has happened between them. There are a whole bunch of characters; it's just too bad I can't go over all of them!
Lastly, I'll talk about the sound and music. I absolutely love the voice acting in this game! This is saying a lot, because I usually absolutely abhor English voice acting!! I will almost always either skip through, turn down, or switch to Japanese, any English voice acting in games. But the voices in BFM are so funny and so true to the game! Each character's voice fits perfectly to their character and really adds to the game. Next, the music - wow. All I can say is wow. This is probably some of the best music for a game I have ever heard! To prove to you how much I love it, I have bought the soundtrack and the piano book, both of which I love to pieces. The songs are so exciting and different from just about any other game. I salute the composer because he has done an absolutely fantastic job. If you get the game for any one thing, I would have to say get it for the music. It's fantastic.
Well, that about sums it up. I know I've left out a lot, but hopefully this will give you a good idea about the game. I absolutely love it! I hope that if you choose to play it, you'll enjoy it too.
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dotted line "Brave Fencer Musashi is one of the best games ever. It has a plethora of entertaining and intriguing characters, awesome voice acting, and absolutely breathtaking music. This game is a great buy!"
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