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The Bouncer

Dream Factory
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Beating up randoms can be fun, especially with a good sountrack.

A The Bouncer review Author: Nephtis Published: May 18, 2005
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Unlike Andrew's contempt for the game, I actually liked The Bouncer. While it was far from the greatest game ever, it had its share of fun and brilliance. An early title on the PS2 I actually picked up rather later in the console?s life I have found the game to certainly contain enough to make me think the purchase was worth it.

The most important and crucial factor for The Bouncer and me is the inclusion of the original Japanese voices. Why is it that this is the only Square-Enix title I own that has this? WHY? The Japanese voice acting is far superior to the English, but that is nothing new at all, you get it all the time in anime. The rough and rude male voices put on a far better role than the useless English equivalent. This inclusion allows me to experience The Bouncer the way it was intended ? and that in itself makes the game better.

Aside from that, the game sports good graphics, although they do leave something to be desired. Still, the title is a fighting game, and consequently does not demand the backgrounds to look fancy, since the focus is on beating people up senselessly. The facial expressions are damned fine for such an old title, and certainly the artwork was enjoyable.

Musically The Bouncer was great, the heavy face-smashing music slotted right on in with the random beating up of people down the street. Noriko Matsueda and Takahito Eguchi, whose music I had not encountered previously did a fantastic job in making me beat up the randoms, and certainly enhanced the world for me.

Now here is where The Bouncer is a let down, to some degree. I have mentioned the random beating up of people, and that is what this game is. You play Sion, some guy with hair in a bar that suddenly is caught up in a large amount of crap. The story is there, but Doom also had a story, and did anyone pay attention? I sure as hell did not. Doom was a game where you just appeared and started killing people, that same senseless beating up of randoms is perfectly replicated in The Bouncer. This is why I say to some degree, because it can be kinda fun. Without a solid story to back it up though, the game becomes somewhat boring. The small tidbits between sequences about the characters are a good touch, but they are over far too quickly, and you often have to zoom through and miss important details. In addition, if you want to read them all you will have to play the few hours it takes to finish the title numerous times.

There is also a verses option, which I tried once with a friend and decided it was not as fun, it was not random fighting anymore! The survival mode is more like that, although the true side of The Bouncer is no longer masked behind some kind of dodgy story, so it becomes boring far quicker than the story mode does.

Therefore, it is not the worst game ever, and I certainly would not use it as a coaster like Ziyad probably does next to his computer, but it is also not a fantastic game. Stick the Japanese audio on, pull out your Doom ?kill randoms? hat out and get ready to beat up hordes of faceless men. Oh and some freak called ?Mugetsu?, yeah he is a freak.

Basically, The Bouncer is enjoyable, if you paid the $22.95 (AUD) that I did, anymore and you are just throwing away money. If you can handle beating up random guys, having a fairly dodgy story that had a chance to be far better and a few probably psychologically deranged bad guys, then go right ahead. If you are like most people, you will have some fun and put it back on the shelf for a while, and pick it up every now and again and play it in amusement like I do. Do not take the game seriously, because it is simply not a game that can ever be classed as even being remotely serious.
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dotted line "Ah The Bouncer, pure hilarity. Play it in Japanese, and it won't be so bad, just take it in fun."
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