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Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

Action RPG
Star Ocean
  • August 31, 2004
  • January 22, 2004
  • October 1, 2004
A- 39 total ratings
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If All Else Fails, Kill Everyone You Meet

A Star Ocean: Till the End of Time review Author: Wiegraf Published: June 24, 2005
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I friggin' enjoy Star Ocean 3. No I'm not going to add the subtitle--I'm a busy man, and I don't have time to add those few words. I'm too busy sacrificing my social life on the altar of Squenix.
(Seriously, I'm only like 34 hours away from that one battle trophy. I can stay awake that long!)
Well, let me take some time out and talk about SO3 in more detail. You may have noticed my previous review on this game's prequel, and my main qualm with that story was its apparent lack of emotion in what was intended to be an emotional storyline. This game succeeds because it doesn't try to do the same thing--it simply tells enough of a story to keep you somewhat hooked, and lets the game's other features move to the forefront.
Whatever though. Let's at least touch on the story. The tale revolves around the story of young earthling Fayt Leingod (wow, I wonder if this guy will be important), son of the premier authority on genetics and genetic engineering in the universe. Apparently, this lineage causes Fayt to be a hot commodity to a certain race of aliens known as the Vendeen, who attack the resort where Fayt, his friend Sophia, and his parents are vacationing. After escaping the planet of Hyda IV (and becoming seperated), Fayt crashlands on the planet Vanguard III. Soon after, he is found by a warrior named Cliff, and....uh, things happen. You can figure that out on your own. The main thing to rememeber about the plot is that it is in no way comparable to the narratives of classics like Chrono Trigger. Basically, if CT is Saved by the Bell, SO:TTEOT is more akin to Saved by the Bell: The New Class.
Still though, if you're looking for an interesting story, look elsewhere. If you're looking to beat the tar out of countless baddies, then SO3 is your blood-stained cup of tea. SO3's system is easy to pick up (and actually rather easy to master...) but just try it and you'll hate to return to antiquated turn-based RPGs or even less fleshed out action systems such as in the first two games of the series. It requires quick thumbs and quick eyes to keep an eye on your poor CPU counterparts in order to keep them from death's door. And believe me, they will find it often. Some bosses (and normal enemies) are hard in that incredibly annoying way (you know, throwing shoes, screaming obscenities, breaking controllers) and will drive you to point of near hatred for the game. Then you'll fight the next boss and defeat him in like 12 seconds. That's just the way this game is.
Adding some great replay value is the Battle Trophies. The 300 trophies range from easy (Hit enemy without dying, live for 4 seconds, die horribly) to hard (Punch final boss in balls, defeat a dragon wearing boxers and wielding a stick, etc.), but really are unlike anything I've seen in an RPG before. You'll find yourself replaying battles over and over to gain every possible trophy. Which can take hours. Have fun.
Now we come to the weakest part of the game. Oh my god, the music in this game made me want to rip my effin' ears off and stomp on them. Whoever decided that generic electric guitar, mixed with trademark cookie-cutter orchestra sounds and keyboards and punctuated with a sometimes-heard techno voice with comments like "Feel The Vibratssshunn!" passed for a good soundtrack needs to be given a smile, a handshake, a pink slip, and a kick right between the legs.
Bottom line? Star Ocean 3 is basically Star Ocean 2, only with slightly more racy dialogue (Cliff called Nel Hot? Oooh...I smell an M Rating!) and much more exciting combat. An above-average rating seems just right.
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